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Vulnhub Goldeneye Writeup

15 minute read

Being a massive fan of the Golden eye movie and an even bigger fan of the N64 game I was chomping at the bit to have a crack at the VulnHub box - GoldenEye:1...

Vulnhub Ch4inrulz Writeup

10 minute read

Chainrulz: 1.0.1 is a vulnerable machine hosted on VulnHub and was created by Askar for “Jordan’s top hacker 2018 CTF” competition. It tells the story of Fra...

Vulnhub Wakanda Writeup

10 minute read

Wakanda: 1 is an intentionally vulnerable machine hosted by VulnHub and created by xMagass. It’s plot is that a new “Vibranium market will soon be online in ...